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June 22, 2009


DJ ManRich

I do believe Rinse Dream's (aka Stephen Sayadian) great movie Nightdreams was the only porn movie to officially feature a top 100 hit - that being Wall of Voodoo's Johnny Cash cover Ring of Fire.
Great flick that's worth checking out.
He also made the wonderfully weird Cafe Flesh and the cheesy, Dada porn attempts Party Doll A Go Go and sequels.

doomsday fartshadow

one of my fave tapes from my dad's closet whilst growing up in the eighties featured an instrumental ripoff of Billy idol's white wedding, which surprised me even then, and I appreciate the irony now.

The Captain

My all time favorite, with a soundtrack chock full of traditional sailor ditties, is "Captain Lust". Made sometime back in the mid to late 70s. Hard to find, but it's still available.

Larry In Seattle

I always thought the genre became the radio format called "Smooth Jazz"


Reminds of a gay porn from the 70s called "Greenhorns" where one cowboy pushed away his rain slicker to reveal a big boner, and as the second cowboy went to it . . . the soundtrack went to John Fahey's "Some Summer Day." Forgot to see if they credited him at the end.

carrie nation

Imagine my surprise at the extinct porno DRIVE-IN in dallas that the movie we were watching featured the theme to the People's Court.

doomsday fartshadow

people's court! great!!! it's repetitive and driving and a little funky. it makes sense. though there is a track in debbie does dallas that sounds vaguely like the people's court theme, it has nearly the same 9 note riff- da dun dun DUN...da dun dun DUN dun...
the debbie soundtrack is great all around and one of the few actual 70's bow chicka wow-wow type of funky soundtracks.


I think the answer to why 'Bow-Chika-Wow-Wow' has entered into the common pop patois is simple: It's far enough in the past that its meaning has become a safe, politically neutralized, post-rebel reference- not unlike the Metalhead's de-fanged 'Devil Horns' hand sign and the Mohawk.


It is rumored that Rinse Dream's (quite excellent) soundtracks were done by Mitch Froom under a psydeonym.

M Munro

The delightfulness of this article is matched by the knowledgeability conveyed in the comments. WFMU never disappoints.

Rev. Foley

The Peoples' Court music was during a disco scene in the Opening of Misty Beethoven, if I recall correctly. I cracked up when I heard it.

sir jorge

a fascinating look at music

Mr Fab

Hercubot: it wasn't a pseudonym. Mitchell Froom's name is right there on "The Key of Cool," the soundtrack to "Cafe Flesh" that came out on Slash Records. (Still got my vinyl copy). Hey, he didn't know he'd be an A-list producer - he was a kid!

Andy in Berlin

As soon as I clicked on the sound for the first example, it immediately crashed Firefox. Score another one for the Taste-Police.

Fernando Cruz

I also saw a 70's era porno that utilized the People's Court theme. Watching some folks bumping their unshaved uglies to the Judge Wopner theme was a hoot.

Red Neckerson

The Greatest 70's porn soundtrack in my estimation was Teenage Cruisers which featured music from Ron Wiesers stable of starsat Rollin Rock Records which included the Blasters, Johnny Legend, Colin Winski, Jackie Lee Cochran and host of other west coast rockabilly hipsters. Seeing John Holmes in action to a rockabilly beat is something to reckon with. Long Live Nina The Nuthouse Nympho!

Mark Allen

FYI: Sam Benjamin has created a fabulous extended/expanded version of our interview about 70's/80's porn soundtracks at his website, here:




Are those last too stills from Private Nurses? If so that was the first porn I ever saw.

Fake Name

Wall of Voodoo got their start doing porn soundtracks.


@Carrie nation - People's Court theme is in the middle of a disco orgy in Barbara Broadcast. I was watching it with a lady and we were not really watching at the moment but then we both stopped what we were doing and looked up. "HUH?!?"

Red Nickerson - Teenage Cruisers does have a great soundtrack. It was directed by wrestling manager Johnny Legend and is a wild, anarchic slop of a movie with spliced in short silent loops of some porn, but most of it being comedic bits until the end devolves into darkness.

Account Deleted

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Gregory Purvis

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Gregory Purvis

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