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June 23, 2009



There's the "Life Lessons" segment of 'New York Stories' (1989), directed by Marty Scorsese. Nick Nolte plays a painter who needs the drama of a failing relationship to inspire him, set in the late 80's downtown art scene. Great painting sequences, and a not-too-shabby soundtrack either.

(The Woody Allen segment is amusingly Woody Allen-esque. Francis Ford Coppola's segment is almost completely without merit, barring a brief appearence of Pianosaurus in a party scene.)


I loved both the film and book "Girl with a Pearl Earring", but i'm a sucker for those dutch bodice dresses. Both film and book conjure up the feel of Vermeer's

A couple of years ago I saw a terrific, sad/funny/totally absorbing documentary about a homeless Japanese artist in NYC called the "Cats of Mirikitani". Its on DVD and worth a look.

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