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June 25, 2009



Yeah, you guys needed to work on your phrasing, a bit, but your dance moves were HOT. Nice hats, too.


Say, did we just accidentally tune in to a Michael Jackson Nocturnal Emission Fantasy????


great to see some good tributes.

Too many bad taste things floating around. Guess it's never too early for people to be putting up sites with really bad taste stuff. look at this crap~

chi flat irons

Even in death people still have bad things to say chi hair straightener. Cant we accept and move on he lived his life not pleasing to most of us runescape gold, but it was his life and his journey now it's over let him go and rest in peace.


Damn Chi, your Chinese overlords must be pleased their gold farming site's google ranking is peaking. Tip o' the hat to you. Are you bot or beast?


That background video is really bizzare .

Johnny Vandal

Nicely done! Let me chime in with my own take on Mr. Jackson:
The King Of Pop ( Huzzah!


"Who's bad?" Did you guys really have to ask...?!?
LMAO - Great video of cute kids having a terrific, uninhibited time. That's what little kids should have lots of. Thanks for sharing.



You look a little older than five. Sure that was '87 ?


The tape says "7/87 or 88" so it's possible we're six.


The best commentary on Michael Jackson I've read was published by the Guardian newspaper here in the UK:


Holy f-in sh*t! I'M DYING HERE!!! You've done it, Hatch! :)


A very fitting WFMU-style tribute =)

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