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June 03, 2009


Doug Schulkind

A brief note about Mining the Audio Motherlode: The main focus here will be on
posts of rare and out-of-print recordings, but the blogs themselves are responsible
for the content they are providing.

A few helpful words about the downloads:
Follow the links provided to blog pages offering the downloads. Look for the download link on the page. (Occasionally, the link is listed in the Comments section. Also, if the original download link is no longer active, check further down in the string of comments; a new download link may be posted there.)

Some downloads deposit a folder on your desktop; others leave an rar. file, which needs to be opened using special software. This software is FREE and available online. (If you use a Mac, I highly recommend UnRarx.)

Some blogs provide passwords, which then must be entered when opening the rar. file. The password is typically listed right next to the original download link.

Be sure to search the archived pages at each individual blogs to find more musical gems. Also, check the blog rolls at each blog for leads to other great blogs.

Searching for a specific artist or album? Use Google's BlogSearch or the terrific music blog search engine Captain Crawl.


Chamaeleon Church sounds just like John Lennon. Txs for sharing!


Everytime I complain, what a nuisance.

Well, you mixed track and album titles for the Goebbels/Harth: the track is called "Kein Kriegsspielzeug für Jonathan" ("No war toy for Jonathan"), and it's on the compilation-CD "Goebbels Heart". Originally it was issued on the 1981 LP "Der durchdrungene Mensch - Indianer für Morgen".



nevermind - i made the mistake! oversaw the colon after "From the album:", meaning the following title referring to the album, whereas it's vice versa. thx for the share, i shut up. :)

Doug Schulkind

It is my good pleasure that readers such as yourself care enough to offer corrections. So don't hesistate to jump in anytime!

Doug S.


I just downloaded that Ginsberg LP a couple of months ago, very excited because Bob Dorough was coming to our town for a jazz & poetry festival and I figured with he, Don Cherry, and Elvin Jones on the record, it's got to be at least,..........something.



Two more from my browsing...

Indonesia psycho-funkaliscious

Savage Republic Spin-off

Louisville Dan

I am now a Highlife convert. Many thanks!

Sister Hairy Hymen

Where is the Download link for the three peppers? I cant find it anywhere onn the page.

Doug Schulkind

For the Three Peppers link, click on the hypertext word "regálame" which appears immediately below the listing for track #24.

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