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June 26, 2009



Interviewer: We are here with members of Attack Attack. Could you guys please define the type of music you play.

Attack Attack: We aren't really into genres or trying to define ourselves. We listen to all kinds of crappy music and we think that shows in what we play.


Nobody said that this would be easy


If I may be so bold, the keyboard player is not very Crabcore at all. And the drummer isn't even trying to be. Sad, I tell ya. Must be why they are proto.


About two minutes into this video, you'll see some of those moves:

Goyim in the AM

I CALL FOUL!!!! Crabcore used to was what we called hardcore bands from Annapolis MD -- the Hated, Spastic Rats, Moss Icon -- these Bill from Tokyo Hotel wannabe punks can have the emo name if they want (we never liked it) BUT GET YOUR OWN -CORE, GEEKS!!!!!


There's a facebook group for crabcore fans
I ♥ Crabcore


Yechh! Anything that came out of the self-destructive movement EMO has to suck...


crabcore used to be what i assumed, was my dad getting a bushel basket of blue claws, tormenting me by waving them in my face & proceeding to stuff himself full of steamed crustaceans & getting wasted on buds while blasting steely dan which would possibly climax with me taking a beating. that was HARDCORE...


On the West Coast, the crabwalk is also known as the "Cleveland Steamer".


Actually it's a move Immortal used.
Does it count as a movement if your band is the only one doing it? That still does not explain the kitchen-sink mess of styles in this pile of vomit.


It looks like some of the dance moves either inspired or were "inspired by" the Beaver Boys segment of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! on Adult Swim [check local listings]


Also Bo Diddley was proto-crabcore:
look closely at 02:00.

The Ultimation

I almost pissed my pants at the end. God I hope these guys arent trying to be serious.


I don't give a shit what's going on here, they use autotune so fuck them.


GTFO, This shit sucks.


God here again...Your not allowed into heaven either, you don't suck my dick enough. Need more praise in your songs.


message from god, crabcore=fagcore

do the math



They're actually not the *only* ones - these guys are Christian and cover the postal Service covering Iron & Wine:
Confide - "Such Great Heights"


putting makeup on shit is still shit


Why would put make-up onto shit you sick fuck.


if attack attack is crab core...then i love it


TL, Such Great Heights is a Postal Service song, not Iron & Wine.


Attack Attack is F'n amazing. All the haters are just that: hating. why would you go around trying to put people down? just because you most likely have no talent. Pathetic I tell you . Pathetic.

Stagger Lee

Crabcore = Failcore
I"m Stagger Lee Bitch!!


olive, do you actually think you need talent to be in a band like Attack Attack!? Dumbass..

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