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June 02, 2009


M Munro

Which other songs did you compile that really frightened you?

cynical hater

There is a song that I found too really scary maybe because it is so realistic..those days
Dave he is dead
I just hope that the person who did it was not cynically actor..that happens too

Ray Zinnbrann

Oh my god, I can't believe this song has been posted.

One WFMU DJ I can tell you also had a bit of a perverse obsession with this song was none other than the late, great Mr. Terry "TKF" Folger. In fact, he once covered this song live at a 1989 gig at ABC No Rio with his band Van Gelder -- who I played drums for at the time. And I still have the live recording of our version of it. The intro is priceless -- all our friends in the crowd can be heard going off about how great we are, to which Terry replies, "Don't speak too soon -- you won't be thinking like that after you hear this next song!" and then leads us into "Slap 'er Down." It really ought to be posted. I'll have to rip it for you, if you're interested...


I did a podcast of it, if you're interested - http://hbeeinc.com/blog/?p=554. The playlist:
Johnny Rebel - Some Niggers Never Die
Clem Snide - The Ballad of David Icke
Joe Aufricht - Horny With A Chick

Arthur Godfrey - Slap ‘Er Down Again, Pa
Hasil Adkins - I Need Your Head
Unknown - Ha Ha The Clown

Unknown - Demonic Possession In Church
Jandek - You Painted Your Teeth
William Shatner - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Blues Brothers - Guilty

Sufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Ray - I would LOVE to hear a cover of it! Thanks!


wow, there really isn't much difference between extreme southern religious morals and the same kind of daughter shaming violence and murder in extreme islam...is there? this song is an atrocious gem...


There's just enough space between the two of them to slip a page of Leviticus through. :-)

Listener Greg G.

> wow, there really isn't much difference between extreme southern religious morals and the same kind of daughter shaming violence and murder in extreme islam

Extreme southern religious morals? Arthur Godfrey was a NYC native.


yeah i know, but the song seems like a southern good ol' boy song...am i wrong? either that or the deep woods of any place....being a georgia native i tend to forget that such moral views do escape the south, i probably shouldn't have dumped the word southern in there, i just say what i know.


Could just as easily be turn of the century appalachia. We got rednecks too, Trav, like my gun nut brother for example (grin). I'm picturing Ma in a gingham burka and Pa doing the honor killin' in his patched levis. What an awesome song! A mashup with islamic propaganda would rock the house. Thanks, HBee.

King Daevid MacKenzie

...by the way. Godfrey didn't fire La Rosa on live TV (it was on radio) and the firing wasn't unexpected, regardless of what La Rosa claims. La Rosa was trying to get out of his contract and Godfrey went to CBS network president Frank Stanton for advice, to which Stanton said, "since you hired him on-the-air, fire him on-the-air!" Godfrey clearly got the bum rap in that incident...


he seems like such a fun dad in the glass bottom boat.


Those days were great! Unless you were, y'know, black. Or Jewish. Or gay. Or poor. Or female. But if you were a heterosexual Christian white middle-class male, you were IN.


If that woman was so upset by Montana's indifference towards casual misogyny and violence in the 1950s I wonder what she thinks of the national popularity of hip-hop and much internet porn today. Does she feel like killing herself every time she hears a young person listening to their "women-hating rap music" or did she just realize that it's no big deal and it was time to stop being a stick in the mud about lyrics like that?

random chocoholic

there is a song, from this year or something that just creeps me out. it is called 'Stan' by eminem it is FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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