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June 22, 2009



Those guys sound more like everyone else than anyone else ever has!


You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!


Hmm...somehow...I don't think choreographed synchro poop-squats are a good "rock move." Watching this video is like watching old men from a third-world nation make a BM.

I had to look because I thought this was a joke band fronted by Stick Stickley. Wow. Uh. No. It's a real band. These are real moves.

A+ for all the wrong things.


WTF was that!?!?!!!!!

Dave B

I laughed, I cried... it was better than Cats!


Awesome. While they were buying autotune they should have checked into the companion products autocrunch and autothrash. Would have made everything easier.
Andrew's comment wins though.

Brad Nelson

Later, I gotta go back in time and force myself not to watch this.

Lest I eternally be plagued by nightmares of synchronized guitar lifts.


My favorite part is the "boinnnng!" SFX that pop up here and there between the blast beats...totes HC brah...


Jesus don't surf. Or rock.


I had no idea Broke-n-cyde did straight up metal. Fantastic! This is the musical equivalent of the Dow at 5000.


Yeah, gotta love the poop-squats, death metal vocals and auto-tune vocals...

A+ horribleness...



actually i hate to have to be that guy but i think it's the other way around, "stick stickly" = song, attack attack = band.


Oh, some animated GIFs of the "action" are over here:



I just had to masterbate to that...


once again wfmu baffles me. should i love this band or hate 'um. the hair makes me want to hate them but the the low slung bass makes me want to love them - i'm indifferent to the music. and once again, thanks to wfmu, i find myself resting in some nether world between two extremes.

Dave Public

Has no one made it far enough into this to comment on the 12 bars of -TRANCE BREAKDOWN- at around 2:50?
Is this a song that's actually getting radio/MTV play? Im a little out of the soul-sucking-awfulness loop.


I was honestly expecting a video from the 1990s Nickelodeon afternoon program. I was looking forward to seeing it again.


Awesome! I love those GIFs at jazzsick. Pacific Bikewest Represent!

Ian Downey

horrible. the opposite of punk. patti page is punker than that.


I never said it would be simple shawteee, poppin bottles bumpin n grindin all night with my homies til the mornin light holla back if you feel me shawteeeeee

Fels Naptha

Attack Attack! "Stick Stickley" is to music as Vin Diesel is to acting

Adel 156

This was entertaining, without all that bothersome entertainment most bands do.


I love you Brian, but fuck you.

Goyim in the AM

Please leave Rites of Spring out of this. I blame video games.


i'm sure these guys are a hit over @ 4chan...

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