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June 19, 2009



refeshing change of pace from all the drone/noise/psych/doom etc. stuff I'm swarming myself with these days. . . oh and the vaselines show was great as well!

thanks wfmu for always keeping things interesting!

will rodgers

it goes without saying that this is one of the band's finest performances!

Joel Rizzo

very much looking forward to grooving to this on my a.m. bike ride to work. havent heard em since Fear Of God lp. which i liked at the time but i just sorta lost track of em over the years. something tells me theyll have me grinning like an idjit within the first 60 secs. as always thanks wfmu u guys're the BEST!!

Bryan G

Hooray!! I will be 1and0ing this and The Guilty Office CD when I get home today!


Hi to the good folk at WFMU and listeners/readers.
Thanks for posting this recording. We enjoyed our Primavera experience - what a great festival - The recording is a pretty bare bones live Bats sound but the songs are there. Our album, The Guilty Office, is embellished on a few track by strings, harps and accordian and a nice rich full bass sound.

Magnet Magazine are doing a poll which includes us. This is shameless self promotion here but we'd appreciate some more votes if you'd care to oblige. Go here ..
thanks, Paul, The Bats


Thanks for this, saw them on one of the recent UK dates & they're sounding as good as ever. BTW the 'unknown' track is "Mir" off "At The National Grid"

Brian Turner

Thanks for that title, Gavin.


thanks for the great sounds!

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