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June 06, 2009



Vigalante crimes and gang violence is not the solution. Stop cartoon violence!


Yes because owning an ape that you have treated rather poorly by training it to attack people who offend it is somehow morally superior. Actually am I misinterpreting this PSA? Is it actually secretly a subliminal commercial to get you to buy some goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood shit from the blue haired man. That stuff is gonna make you see apes, man!


This PSA is valuable: it teaches you to buy drugs only from people you trust. Naive youth will often buy from street people and get burned. So remember kids, if a drug dealer tries to sell you baking soda or oregano, beat him down with your trained ape!


That is bad animation. I thought the drug dealer was supposed to be a lesbian, but then the voice was all wrong.

Clarence Ewing

I remember watching that stuff growing up in the 70s and 80s. Compared to today's animation they looks like stick figures...!


I definitely felt nauseous while watching this. Can I sue the animators?


To borrow a line from a standup friend of mine, "When it comes to drugs, just say no: 'Can I have some of your drugs?' 'NO!!!!'"

M Munro

There's no way they could fit that whole kid in a trash can.

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