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June 06, 2009



That Radar sure isn't much of an interview subject, Not many people like "Joe Dirt," but it does have its charm.

Gotta love a Stan Musial joke, though. There's some real classical comedy writing here, and in a way it was one of a last of a dying breed. Parts remind me of Seinfeld as well.

"I got my library card, and I'm taking tap dancing lessons...Walter, the opportunities are endless!"

There's no way this should have been a series, but I think it stands fine on its own, better even than "Lookwell!". I like it!

Listener Ralphine

You know, I never could understand why they never made a S*P*E*A*R*C*H*U*C*K*E*R series.

doomsday fartshadow

interesting to see a pre-bloat Victoria Jackson as the girl in the pharmacy....

Mark in Helsinki

The credits say Bill Bixby (TV's Dr. David Banner / The Incredible Hulk) directed this episode.

I wonder if the fact that the show was never picked up made him "angry?"

Heather M

As a big M*A*S*H fan all I can say is at least this better then Aftermash.


i'm gonna go guzzle some moonshine, put on a dress, molest a nurse and perform an amputation with Loudon Wainright III strumming in the background. We should bring back the Korean War. Some truly heartfelt and hilarious good times. ''it's kimchee!!!''


it had some potential and is better than 2/3 of the shows they make today. you could tell it was a bit "massaged" so he could still have that same M*A*S*H abilities and charm. it needed to feel more natural for him...


I love that Radar's cousin has that strong New York a cop in Missouri?

the beave

golly gee!

I can't understand why CBS never picked up this gem of a show!

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