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June 27, 2009



Sounds like quite an adventure! Nice that they treat you well in the ER...

No tomatoes here - the weather is too dodgy for them to grow reliably. Everything else is going crazy though!

Keep up the good work! And I hope your thumb doesn't turn green for the wrong reason...

The Captain

Nice, but what do I do without my free kitchen tomato slicer.

Hellbound Alleee

The hat stand might not ultimately be tall enough. I hung my tomato upside-down off our deck (2nd story) and it reached the ground. Unfortunately, it wasn't as sunny down there as I wanted it to be. But it was easy getting the tomatoes off, as long as I went down to harvest, and up to water.


Brilliant inverted companion planting action!

More please.


Are the marigolds beneficial to the tomato plants, or are they used just because they are pretty?

Great post! I'll add you to my list of RSS feeds to follow.

All the best!
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Marigolds keep the roots healfy and attract polinators, which indoors means a q-tip with a human attached to it.


Xcuse the disllllexico. FURTHERMORE, most tomatos I know just need a flick for pollination, *but if anyone has a list of vegies that are mutually exclusive*, by which I mean they cannot self-replicate ie get-off-on-themselves I'd like to know. I gots some Tomatillos, which are amazingly pest-repellant, but make bad gifts because they cannot self-pollinate. They need friends.


I tried growing some toms in a container of that size one year; I did get fruit but the roots totally filled the container and made watering quite difficult. I suspect you could find larger bottles, on the order of 5 gallons at least. These are big plants, as Hell remarked.


May also be used as in constructing a Gravity Bong.


Wouldn't you know it - the little tyke's growing upwards! LOL

He'll figure it out soon enough... onwards to the aubergines...

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