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June 28, 2009


John McCabe

this is the type of stuff I love from Hanna Barbera, the type of stuff that convinces me that they were stoned out of their minds

Andy Lester

And the Sylvers! How could you not mention the Sylvers!?


My god, there is not an aforementioned because if there was she would send them all to hell on ice!


And yet .. more entertaining than American Idol and Dancing w/ Stars crap combined forever.

Rob Lett

So scary,love it!


With this passing for "standard" mid-1970s TV variety, any wonder the first years of SNL seemed like such a breath of fresh air????


it started off strong, but I couldn't make it past the first jabberjaw thing.


If you don't do drugs, you may find yourself enjoying this. Or making dreck just like it.

texas scott

Oh my. Say Ralph,how do you find these treasures??This silly exercise in entertainment is a thousand times better than some of the crap today.Although I wouldn't advise watching without some chemical help.LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT!!!
And as always,thank you!

texas scott

sorry.Thanks,Kliph,not Ralph.


Fred Flintstone makes me Ralph too!!


This is, I love this stuff.

Rick Garcia

Somehow I missed this way back in the day, and it would have been something I would have watched, too. Everything seemed to be on ice in the 70's...


Snow, actually.


I never thought that I'd ever see anything as deliriously
coked-up and campy as "Can't Stop The Music", but that is
right up there with it!

1000 times more fun to watch than anything on TV today,
just for sheer camp value...


I owned a video about ten years ago, I always held this masterpiece up as the worst thing you could rent actually rented it quite a few times.


I have an HR Puffnstuff (gratuitous drug reference alert) TV special on washed-out VHS somewhere with the same dull premise: the main character is missing for some reason, so that the entire narrative arc of the thing concerns all the other characters trying to locate someone.

As something to hang the story on, this kind of set-up can surely appeal only to the extremely young or the extremely stoned.

I think that one may have been on ice as well.

Anyway, I think the camp value, if any, of stuff like this is far outweighed by how frankly dreadfully bad it is.


Didn't they have "specials" like this one to introduce the new Saturday morning line-up, like the Friday night before?

Uncle Ash

On Ice?
.... not nearly as painful as the intro of Batmite & Scrappy-Doo


I'm a bit lost for words. That was amazing. Kind of reminded me of Waiting for Godot. And the creepy guitar solo in part four was my personal favourite moment. Wow, I'm glad to be alive to have seen that weirdness. Seriously, thanks for posting.

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