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July 27, 2009



the used's new video for "blood on my hands" comes out TOMORROW! here is a teaser:

Derrick Bostrom

Last time this happened to me, one of the bastards who kept his job said to me as I as I was on my way out, "Hey! Change is good!"

What a jerk.

S drinker

Same thing happened to me bit I ended up on a better paper. Guess you will too but enjoy the time in between

Rufus J Squirrel

A scary thing for sure but it will work out. Good luck.


Can you get me a job?


I had the same thing happen to me, only it wasn't just my job, it was the entire company.


Working is worthless. 99% of all workers could stop working and life would be the same or even better than it is now.

I get paid to say these things.


Last time I got fired, they first went to the guy I drove to work with every day and asked him, "If we fire him, will you still be able to get to work?"
He told them he was the driver. I was fired 5 minutes later. What sucks is I had to stand their for the next 30 minutes untill he was off and could drive me home.

DJ Sonny Bitch

Hey Bromwyn! Sorry about ur situation. I've been on the "state grant program" since Oct.09.
Try to enjoy your summer (get those things accomplished on your summer list). I adopted cat
one-eyed cat from a shelter which is the best thing I could ever do to get through these
"black hole resume" job search inquisition. Stay positive & productive + keep inspiring with your illuminating blogspot posts!! Tanx. DJ Sonny Bitch

Belgrave Joe



I think the biggest obstacle you would face getting an editing gig would be the people interviewing you being a little slow on the uptake and not realizing you're the best person for the job. No doubt you've already arrived at two alternative and better structures for the previous sentence.


i went thru the same thing a few months ago. and my coworker, meaning well (and who was taking over part of my workload), told me i should think of it as 'funemployment'. sigh.


Those dog people are some lame cats. Bronwyn, you rock. I wonder if maybe you have some stories from work you've been dying to share that now you can tell us all? I can see it now on the Fall schedule - Secrets from the Canine Cutting Room.


The worst part about being let go from a job is how they fear you will go ballistic and they watch you pack your things into a used box from the mailroom and usher you out the door.

Didn't you get a grant recently? The thing to do is get twenty grants to replace your salary. It would be nice to be a state-sponsored artist, no? Good luck!!!


Hey Bronwyn, welcome to the club, hope you don't stay long.
Right after I was redundified, I got a "Congratulations on your second anniversary with us" card.

The old right hand - left hand communication problem.


One place I worked was bought out by a bigger company and they let all the redundant accounting people go. The new management called it RIF - Reduction In Force but, the women in accounting called it Raped Instead of Fucked.


Hey Bronwyn. It Sucks! When I was fired a few years ago, the hard part was not taking it personally and keeping the faith that I had so much to offer to the next "job". Keep the faith.

michael C

Sorry Bronwyn. That does suck.
I remember visiting the office. Wasn't there a skeleton of the first specimen of a particular breed of dog there?
That's reason enough to enjoy your job. Good luck finding a great new position with a skeleton of another beast!
hi from down unda.
Michael C

Listener ND

Sorry to hear that. As others have said, welcome to the club! All too many of us in it now. This is my last week at my job....who knows when my next will be. hang in there & all that....and looking fwd to hearing you on-air this week.


You have my sympathy. And I wish for you that your new job will be better and that you may be able to enjoy the time meanwhile ...

Greetings, Tom

dave from knoxville

Months later and I am still worried about you, Bronwyn. Have you found work?

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