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July 13, 2009



Thanks - there are also stray episodes of his radio show floating about where he does more of the same sort of material.

There's a small problem in the above post -- Sweet Memories (#4) is linked to a repeat of #3.

This is great stuff!

Bob Purse

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. It has been corrected!



I not only know these and more, but I also have the Abe Burrows Songbook. Go dig around in the basement - they were a lot more songs on 78s. I once made an outgoing phone message with a bit of his "Pansy In My Garden" parody tenor song.
You want to dig up his musical travelogue "Waukesha Natural Bridge" and his operetta parody "The Duke of Dittendorten."
Burrows was known as a show doctor and wrote the book for Guys & Dolls. He also "talked" to HUAC, which kind of tarnished his reputation once HUAC was tarnished.


Holy Toledo! I've been trying to hunt down Abe Burrows' material for ages, ever since I first heard his songs on (you guessed it) The Muppet Show. Thank you! I hope you can dig up more.

Bob Purse

I didn't know he was one of those who "talked" to HUAC. I think Burl Ives was in that category, too. That does take him down a notch in my view.

"Pansy" and "Waukesha" are both on the 10" album that I have somewhere, and I will post it when I find it.

Gene Joslin

THANK YOU for the posts by Abe Burrows. Over 60 years ago he had us in convulsions with "Typical Topical Type Songs" like the Hospital Song (I may be stuck in the hospital, but I'm still stuck on you, and the capture of the "Notorious Tokyo Rose: "You stuck a knife into the USA. You forgot what they learned you at UCLA!"Also a long gone transcription contained "On the Santa Fe Trail I Came to Grief, when I tried to Lasso The Super Chief."

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