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July 04, 2009



That must have been very difficult to write, but I'm glad that you did. This was a very moving and very uplifting blog post. Thank you for sharing your story :)


You know it's time to get a personal blog when...

Richard Astley-Clemas

I was watching all the goons panicking on the Beach as it began to rain.They come here for a day after working in a factory for a week and get this!
Then its going home in miles long traffic jams!
Here in Blackpool rain doesn't last long


As awful as the weather was for you, your tomatoes and peppers just love it! My tomato plants are three to four feet tall but the fruit is still green. Hot dry days and cold nights, you see. So far just plenty of fresh snow peas.

The best part about gardening is that the work you put into it is directly proportional to what comes out. This is a great cure for the "learned helplessness" that comes from participation in our culture. Google that quoted term, I can see you're ripe yourself for a real eye opener. Congrats on your successful gardening!


Just been reading about learned helplessness - fascinating stuff, thank you for that!!

I have noticed that there is a definite victim culture in society which is in direct contrast to, say, the war years when people would make do and mend.

I cannot see the sense in rolling over and letting things happen to you. There is always ALWAYS a way out of any given situation and a way to find strength in adversity.


Well "SorryToBeBlunt" but quite a lot of people seem to get a kick out of reading this one...

Quite a few of the blog writers here at WFMU reference personal experience - this is, after all, a music site, and music is so firmly bound up in memory and emotion.

I've said from the very beginning that my contribution is all about my personal journey in urban gardening and so the line between experience and information will get blurred from time to time.

I genuinely hope that you stick around and keep reading - I for one get a lot out of the comments that readers share with me, and I find it fascinating hearing about their experiences with gardening and growing in an urban setting.

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