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July 19, 2009



I think I have that rug

texas scott

ah yeah.I remember crap like this as a kid watching cable tv for the first time.
Hits too close to home...
Thanks for sharing,Jonathan.Very nice.


and now we're boostin' bass.


Guess this is like Craig's List for folks who cain't get on that there Internet.

Jonathan Steinke

Thanx, peoples (:


Speaking of Craigslist...

Thanks for the post, I'm still processing that it's for real.

M Munro

Brilliant! Public access is a reliable goldmine.


When I was a kid the local AM station had a show called the Swap Shop where folks called in and described what they had to sell, a set of old snow tires, a washer that needed a new timer, whatever. It was priceless coming out of the mouths of the sellers, not a slick salesperson (if you want to call this guy slick). One more thing I have to steal from BoTB for my Facebook page.


Ahhh, the constant train-wreck that is life. . .

Jonathan Steinke

Munro and Richanator, I likes the websites!!

doomsday fartshadow

like dale said-
YEARS, nay, DECADES before craigslist, a local AM station in Douglas, Ga did something called the christian exchange...where folks called in and described what they had for sale or were giving away..and i do believe maybe even some singles called in and let themselves up for offer....all while using their home numbers on the air.

a few weeks ago on a return visit to see family, my sister and i were thrilled to hear it was still on, and that the callers were still as inept at peddling their wares.


Dale: are you from Tuscaloosa? Tuscaloosa may still have one of these AM shows on early Saturday, or Sunday. 4-wheelers, etc. Call in and describe live. DJ would repeat the info for the few callers' items until the show's half hour was over.

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