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July 20, 2009



A bit of a tangent, I know, but reading the name Fray Bentos reminds me of one of my favorite bits from the UK version of The Office, after Finchy and Brent lost a pubroom trivia game:

Finchy: OK. When we had the question, name the Cuban leader who's been in power since 1959...
Brent: Fidel Castro.
Finchy: You know it now. What did you say?
Brent: It's in that situation...
Finchy: Tell them. What did you say then? What did you say then? Go on. Who's the Cuban leader?
Brent: Fray Bentos.


I really like that information.



These guys rule

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Their discography is quite messy, a wild mix of a few official releases and numerous mysterious CD-Rs and MP3s on various Internet sites.


It's absolutely Perfect!I love the way on how you decorate those frames on the wall, and it goes with the floor too.Cool!

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