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July 27, 2009



Bob, I'm so glad you and CK got to meet and bond. Thanks for sharing this tribute to your friendship. I wish I'd known him.


I never met CK, but i once had a long, wonderful phone conversation with him, not long after the New York Times Magazine article on WFMU came out a few years ago.

François G Couillard

The song from Madame Bolduc is
"Mademoiselle, dites-moi donc"

It was recorded the 27 october 1930 in duo with Ovila Légaré. It was recorded with les disques Starr on a 78. It was reedited on the "Une fois pour toutes" compilation.

I have this information by Stéphane Robitaille, a great music lover and one of la Bolduc fans. We're both from Quebec city.


I wish I had kept my copies of Cool and Strange...Who else wrote about artists like Brute Force or had a gallery of tiki-music album covers?


CK's "Celebrity Flatus" - gag radio contest... perfect.

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