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July 06, 2009



That Neverland Turtle page is a poem. A creepy one.

Here's a link about MJ that my husband has just sent me:

I find it a little hard to understand how people can recognize MJ's image in a tree stump because his face changed so radically. Which MJ did they see? MJ circa The Jackson 5 era, MJ circa Thriller, MJ circa Bad, when he started going lighter, MJ from the 90s, or his final appearance with the lined eyes and weird thing he sported for a nose?

I don't understand the hysteria about MJ worldwide. The British press has been publishing articles about Jackson since he died, most of them speculation about his private life. But I have read some very insightful articles about him. The best were in a
special section of The Guardian newspaper. I also read a very thoughtful article in the Spiegel magazine from Germany.

While I was reading the Guardian articles I felt strongly that Jackson was seen here in the UK as an American. He was a role model for many people in Britain (particularly young Black people) but they while they copied his hairstyle and his dance moves they didn't identify with him. He was seen as being a trailblazer for Black artists to be accepted by the general public (both the American and British public) but while they enjoyed his music and his videos the British writers didn't feel that he was reflecting them or their lives.

I was wondering why the Spiegel put Jackson on the front cover and published such a long article about him. I find it difficult to see why the German public is so interested in Jackson.

I was stunned when I saw a headline that said the memorial tomorrow will be televised worldwide live. Not even Elvis and John Lennon's memorial services were broadcast live. I wasn't surprised by Princess Diana's funeral being televised live around the world - she was part of the British monarchy and she was an important figure for many people. But Michael Jackson? I know many stars like Stevie Wonder will speak at the memorial service, but even so, it's hard for me to understand why the worldwide interest in televising the funeral live. (Channel 5 in the UK is going to broadcast it, along with CNN international and the E! Network)


I've just read that the BBC News channel and the international BBC World News outlet will screen the memorial with coverage fronted by Rajesh Mirchandani in Los Angeles, and BBC2 is pulling off its planned programmes for tonight to cover the Jackson service from 6 to 7:30 PM, British time. The BBC is showing Michael Jackson's memorial service?! Channel 5 I can understand (It shows a lot of programmes about celebrities) but the BBC?! On September 11 BBC 1 showed live news but BBC2 carried on with its children's programming.


here's the comment poem dedicated to you and the two people who commented on my other:

thanks for the mention. it inspired me to do some more: also could you pass along these couple of jams to whomever's in charge of the mp3 dept.


oh, and this is pretty funny: http://visualguidanceltd.blogspot.com/2009/07/joe-jackson-private-midnight-memorial.html

and finally, here's my little MJ story which shows I have a heart:

IV gone back in the old unpublished draft archive and dug out some skeletons. As I mentioned earlier, I like to think I haven't gone crazy, but that I continue a long tradition of the same. So for the 5 people who regularly peruse this blog and used to frequent The Perfect American (now an overstocked library), I offer some posts that never quite made it past the cutting room...I'll also be compiling all of my Michael Jackson YouTube Videos, which have somehow found a mainstream audience, including CNN, and myriad foreign blogs and tabloid rags, which I never knew existed until the YouTube Anal-attics button under each of my videos told me so.

BETween the CNN/Anderson Cooper Monkey story, which I apparently researched for them after I found and riposted the sweetest little Moonwalking Bubbles clip, quaintly titled with neither the words 'Bubbles' 'Moonwalk' or 'Jackson', from a Japanese YouTuber, who has now included all three of these words into his new title and who is currently looking at around 90,000 views, and my 'Jackson Ghost' video, which distinguishes itself from the other hundred Jackson Ghost videos currently on YouTube, by being first and having a spotlit, halo detail of the ghost for easy viewing...and so much more, I've been busy trying to tune in, interpret, and redirect the powerful Jacko vortex swirling in the web. Also, thanks to IFC, who started me on my current ascendancy to one million views (should be any day now), with their embedding of the first video I ever posted, the "Night of the Iguana" Trailer, which started out two weeks ago at an emaciated three-digit viewership to become one of my biggest producers, with around 20k. And if that weren't enough, Beware of the Blog repainted a little tossed-off Michael Jackson EBay poem (and I know that because there were actually people on this blog that weren't from Seoul or searching for Pussy*).
My Jacksonian State of mind stems from the fact that when I was 13-years-old, my idol (besides Jerry Lee) died, and even without the Internet, it was a weird fucking month afterward. In fact I can remember (and am getting right now the same feeling although a little less intense), which I recall from Grocery Store, Tabloid, Checkout, Point of Purchase Stands and the massing of cheap paperbacks, not to mention what substituted for TMZ back in the day--Giraldo and shows like 20/20 (possibly the worst News Magazine TV show ever).

You see, ELVIS PRESLEY WAS MY FIRST CONCERT IN 1977 WHEN I WAS THIRTEEN(and remember that, because apparently it will make you cry at the end of this paragraph, say two people). And so every time (but not until now did I fully realize how much) a celebrity dies, I get a little whiff of that 1977 air, blue eye shadow, punk rock, really good porn, Trans-Am's, bad music on the radio, Catholic Girls in Uniform, and 7-11 Slurpee Cuba Libra's. So thanks MJ for the memories. And truth be told, I was all immune to your shit, 'till on a far corner of the Web one night at around 5AM, I found myself on a Romanian Video Site called Trilulu, which I belong to, and there I found a video posted by a thirteen-year-old Romanian girl...it was of you, and I don't even remember what song it was now, because the thing that made me cry was the fact that the title was decorated with hearts and stars.


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