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July 02, 2009



Give up, New Jersey.



This looks a little earlier than 1994. You could tell me it was 1989/90 and I wouldn't doubt it..but it was a bit of a time capsule down there for a while, wasn't it?


The director is making the dvd available on her website ruthlessfilms.com soon, apparently in a few days. I could only find one review of the whole movie (which is not even on IMDB) but it was a positive one. It sounds like these aren't the only good parts, but rather the whole thing is like this. Great double feature with Heavy Metal Parking Lot!

Mr Fab

The film was made in '92.

So now I know what Tom Waits was singing about in "Jersey Girls."

Internet Radio

doesn't look 90s at all!


The only giveaway is the one dude's ChiSox hat. Other than that, it could've been 1984. Or 2004 for that matter.

Bodie 601

so, New Jersey is where all the rocket surgeons come from, eh?


Yes, and they quickly migrate to NYC. The remainder you see portrayed here.

Joe R

More Joisy bashing. Folks, this country is full of types like those. From sea to shining sea.


I was in Wildwood in 1994. Grey Manor Motel. Midweek special. Almost got a tattoo. A real one. But my girlfriend wisely said, "Don't be an idiot, never go to anyone DJ Diane hasn't recommended." So I had my ear pierced instead & stuck a little silver Horseshoe Crab in it.


Sure, like you wouldn't give your right arm to be a payphone answering murderess, or Dave.


Payphone answering murderess? More like payphone answering lying braggart.

Maida Sells

it was a bit of a time capsule down there for a while.

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