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July 04, 2009



This administration needs to be challenged & I hope Sarah Palin takes them on. What passes for progressive thinking today is so boring, no one's questioning the federal government. Boy are we going to get it in the can.
Happy 4th of July to all you Suckers ( oops, I meant FMU Hipsters )!


Happy 4th of July to you too, h! I am a Sucker, 'cause I want to Suck on Palin's tits.

recovering moose addict

I wonder if SP cried foul during her basketball games as much as she does now when it comes to liberal media outlets. What passes for conservative thinking these days is so boring, all they do is whine about the federal government.

Revolution is fundamentally a progressive idea - vs. reactionary politics. Happy declaration-of-revolt-against-your-government day!

M Munro

Anyone else have the sneaking suspicion that her resignation was motivated by those pesky ethics investigations?

Mark Martin

LOVE HER! I am not saying "I love her" (which I do). I am ordering YOU to love her! Love her with all your heart.


You all seem to be skirting the obvious, which is that Palin is just not THAT hot. Let's say she's "hot for a pseudo-politician," that I can live with. But if Karen O. ran for public office, this would all be rendered instantly moot.


I'd kick her out of my bed.
Just so I could say I did.


Reason for resignation? I heard that there are federal indictments coming...


She's resigning so she can focus on the 2012 nomination. And Joe the Plumber will be her running mate. It's like the screenplay for Idiocracy is the new Republican playbook.


I heard she was joining a Black Oak Arkansas cover band


When your parents go to sleep there's this cool comic David Letterman who goofs on Sarah Palin. He's funny, so is SNL ( Saturday Night Live ), don't worry the warden's will be asleep it's on 11:30, too. They also made a video, "Lazy Sunday", you guys should check it out! It's Fresh!

No amount of George Soros $$'s can stop this slice, face it.

Don Buddin

It's funny that there are dumbasses in this thread who are trumpeting Palin's resignation in incoherent disgrace as a TRIUMPH of conservatism. What's next? Norm Coleman's victory speech?


Exactly Don, the reduction of their cognitive dissonance can be a sad thing to see. Check out the picture here and how they used the flag like it was a throw blanket. I assume Palin saw the set-up and said nothing. After all, she did manage to get the banner for her son in the shot too. Somehow I don't feel this flag desecration will talked about on the Drudgereport, Freerepublic, Redstate, NRO, etc. as an example of Palin's anti-Americanism. That's what gets me about the dumbasses, they call themselves superpatriots and it is all an act to hide their philosophy of reaction and underlying stupidity.


Hey h! I know all about David Letterman. I think he's funny too! SNL too! Who made the Lazy Sunday video, David Letterman or SNL? I want to check it out. I don't know who George Soros is, but I guess he must be rich, huh? What kind of slice are you talking about, though? I don't know what you mean.

Erik in NH

Hey, halduk,

Is that what Ross Perot meant by "that giant sucking sound?"


Those legs just scream, "water retention/edema, here I come!"


Whoa! Just back from Google Dictionary & gee I hadn't any idea of my own stupidity (underlying).
As I am up against the educated masses ( 9.5 % & rising ), I will fall upon my sword of lame sarcasm & surrender...

Steve Barton

I enjoyed this picture. Thank you.


You'd think after the last grifter that the marks would wise up, wouldn't you? Instead, they double down on their bets. I gotta say though, that I couldn't imagine a better gift for America to preserve our freedom and democracy than the resignation of Sarah Palin. Perhaps I'd start voting Republican again if they'd kick the theocrats and tinhorn fascists out of the party. I can always dream, can't I?


how could Sarah Palin possibly fill the shoes of Joe Biden?

MEANWHILE: billion$ going nowhere, job losses in the millions, anti-Zionists punked by N. Korea & Iran ...and FMU bloggers ashamed to even mention the name Barack Obama.


Keep posting h, you are giving me lots of examples of authoritarian idiocy for use in my courses. Dare I say the name Barack Obama? Oh my, I just did. Please go back to your cave and leave us alone. While you carp away the Obama administration will keep working to get the country back on track after the disaster of Bush II.

Bill V

Hey H, I'd think you'd be happy - sounds like the same as last year when Dubya was in charge....

Erik in NH

It seems to me that what Americans have traditionally "clamored" for is not change, but (rather) stability and a sense of continuity... whether it be the reaction to the shortsighted-ness of conservative governments (Herbert Hoover's laissez faire leading to Roosevelt's New Deal) or liberal governments (LBJ's Great Society, disillusion with the Vietnam War and internal strife leading to the "law and order" of Nixon and, eventually, the Reagan Revolution)... With apologies to H, perhaps what the Republicans should do now is to quit carping about the supposed failures of a new administration, admit that they lost, and find a way to reinvent themselves to reflect a new reality in order to make themselves competitive in what Oliver Wendell Holmes called the "market place of ideas." The political pendulum always swings, usually determined by events outside the control of conventional political wisdom...

Just sayin' bro... peace




Baby-maker makes me pro-life hard!
But if she's elected, no snail trail.
Obama 012!

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