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July 22, 2009



Brillo Pads!

EC Brown

Thanks Kogar!

I downloaded vol. 1-12 last Feb., and they've been my sdtk for living since.


Great Work. You're the master.


Great stuff! One thing - surely the movie concerned is She-Devils on Wheels, whose theme tune - Get Off the Road - was covered by the Cramps?


sure, they did cover GET OFF THE ROAD, but the movie he was definitely referencing was THE DEVIL ON WHEELS from 1947. its in the public domain now, so its pretty cheap to pick up. it's considered one of the first "hot rod" movies and has some great "hip" dialogue, etc. it was listed as one of lux's favorite movies somewhere, and referenced a few times in various places that he never left home without a copy of that tape in his pocket...


Kogar-- thanks a bunch. I dig all the comps and very much appreciate all your hard work and devotion to this project.


Thanks for all these great comps, Kogar! Filed ´em under Sacred Music.

S drinker



I am overwhelmed with your efforts and your generosity. Many thanks.


Hmmm, hearing "There's a New Sound" for the first time in over thirty years is an extremely disturbing experience. The Dr. Demento-era cuts sprinkled through the 13 volumes are all particularly nice, but this one used to, and still does, creep me out. Thanks also for the tracklist---I appreciate not having to type those titles up myself! Cheers


Re: "The Devil on Wheels" - Going through a back issue of Psychotronic Magazine I came across this review of the film completely by accident:
"The Devil On Wheels/ 1947/Director/Screenwriter: Crane Wilbur('Tomorrow's Children'),Producer: Ben Stoloff. In this especially entertaining and outrageous PRC release, post war upper middle class suburban kids drag race in jalopies (or 'meat grinders'), which leads to chases,crashes, deaths and several courtroom scenes. Micky(Darryl Hickman, later in 'The Tingler')has a reckless father and a Korea vet older brother who falls for the judge's daughter. In a segment that could have been in a horror movie, blonde Rusty (young Jan Ford, later aka Terry Moore)is trapped in a morgue at night ('Jeepers!'). These kids aren't bad, just reckless and spoiled and they say things like 'gives me the whammies,' and 'whistle bait.' One of the 'loopy dames' says 'I'm PN!'(Psycho neurotic)!"
----Thanks to Michael Weldon

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