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July 15, 2009


Doug Schulkind

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Andy in Berlin

And what happened to all those plans Carter talked about?! No wonder he lost the election. It's so much easier to just have kindly Grandpa Reagan tell us everything's fine and we're all great. A new morning in America.


Jimmy Carter didn't get re-elected because The American people were smart enough to know that you don't do better with less!
"Conservation never filled a gas tank"!
Reagan got elected because he correctly stated, "Government is the problem", not the American people! IMHO, Reagan did one thing that Carter failed to do, restore respect for America around the world and instill patriotism in Americans again.


Yeah, Rich. Now we got Obama... He's the end result of Bush's legacy. Hope and Change indeed. Carter is looking better each day.

Murray Van Creme

Carter's real unforgivable sin was giving Leonid Brezhnev a hug and a kiss on the signing of a treaty. Blech.

But beyond that, Carter was a former Naval officer in an elite force, the US nuclear submarine fleet. He hired Paul Volcker, the man who ended stagflation by contracting the money supply. The resulting recession almost wrecked Ronnie's presidency, but he lucked out with a recovered economy.

Big government? Carter was famous for his zero-based budgeting ideas. He told everyone there were limits.

Carter's problem is that he didn't schmooze with Congress. He had no political friends. "The isolated world of Washington"? He needed that isolated world.

His southern accent didn't help any. Face it, the notion that Southerners were feckless shitheads was alive and well at the time. And Southerners near the Mason Dixon line thought Deep Southerners were shitheads, in a bizarre pecking order. Is this a great country or what?


2 to make it a dozen:

dark grooves

Music from Egypt


Reagan won because of one thing : IMAGE. Look at this Carter video, or even just listen, his words make perfect sense but his delivery is so morose that it sounds like he's going to fall on his face.

Americans elected Reagan because we chose style over substance.

Kevin Killion

For those too young to have first-hand experience of the horrors and nightmares of the appallingly bad Carter administration, this link will be helpful:

For a more detailed account, here's a link to, "Profile In Incompetence: A 10-Part Series on the Worst President in American History":

Many would judge James Buchanan as even worse than Carter. And now, Carter has some more recent competition, as both GWBush and BHObama are strong contenders to take the title of "the Worst President in American History".


Wow, Obama hasn't even been in office a full 6 months and already he's a contender for one of the worst presidents in history, Kevin?

Even after 9/11 I didn't automatically think "W" would be one of the worst in history (and not because I bought that line about it being Clinton's fault); it took a few years for "W"s incompetence to become obvious. Obama may indeed turn out to be horrible, but it's waaayyyyy too early to tell. When you lump Obama in with the worst this early it shows an obvious bias.

I'm not saying Carter was a great leader, but certainly a lot of what he said was prescient: if we had taken the energy crisis as seriously as he wanted us to we would be a lot better off now. Instead we had Reagan removing the energy-saving solar array from the White House at taxpayer expense. Why? What did that accomplish except give a metaphorical finger to the left and tell Americans "don't be frugal."

andy in berlin

>Instead we had Reagan removing the energy-saving solar array from the White House at taxpayer expense.<

Nothing like trying to prove a point - at the expense of logic. Or intelligence.


Having trouble figuring out where the password is listed for that Grupo Monumental disc--and I really want to hear that!

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