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July 20, 2009


Listener #109577

All too true, I'm afraid. It would be convenient for you, in some ways, if it were otherwise (but inconvenient in other ways). Trust me, I know; I am DJ Kelly's secret soul-mate!

BTW, I want to be cremated and compressed into a box of pencils -- saw it on The Web somewhere.


Westchester isn't far from Hampton Bays.


I love friends: that is absolutely beautiful.


Make a CD of music to play at your funeral. I don't want cheesy organ music playing at mine.


This has been added to my ever-growing "Why I Love Kelly Jones" list.

Listener Ralphine

If it makes you feel any better, Firecracker, I'll do my best to see that the funeral home doesn't saw off your legs to fit you into a casket.


A woman I cohabitated with years ago, later died suddenly. Nobody came to claim the body. For all I know she's in a copper canister someplace. Her then boyfriend described her as having "dropped dead."

After she moved out she got a job with the landlord of my building and I am pretty sure she had a hand in finally getting my name on the lease. I was never able to thank her for that.

Bronwyn, the story gets sadder from there. That is not you, so cheer up.

LIstener Ed

Love ya Bronwyn, but your demise wouldn't be completely bad; if you go, Moe Tucker officially becomes the coolest person alive.


This is delightful and made me smile.

Now, *my* funeral on the other hand....

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