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July 10, 2009



So this isn't a statement about Nouvelle Vague per se. They're lovely. Nice arrangements, very fine voices.

That said, I miss the days when these songs were original, dangerous, and scary. Not cutesy consumerist retreads.

In the wars between the Sex Pistols and the Counter Culture going up against the Mainstream and the Corporations, we all know who won. But this still doesn't make it go down any easier.

Praise Abercrombie & Fitch.


I have the "Bande A'Part" album and love it. I can't wait for this one to come my way.


I like the idea: cute fey Euro gals giving understated and breathy reads on "underground" classics... but somehow it just doesn't quite do it for me... it all sounds to much like a cool European car commercial jingle.



F Baube

are we SO jaded ?

El Lobo

John Lydon is rolling over in his grave.

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