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July 26, 2009



Dudes, dumb teenage metalcore kids have been doing this shit for years. Attack Attack are just the most horrendous and generic descendent of a long line of crap. Have you guys heard Bullet For My Valentine? ( Evergreen Terrace? ( Eighteen Visions? ( Y'all have just found the tip of a really crappy iceberg.

As for this video in particular, as opposed to Attack Attack, I would say that this kid wishes he was Genghis Tron ( or maybe Horse The Band ( Either way, this ain't nothing new.


This is retarded. I guess that's the point.


Just another "fine" example that is now part of American culture! Thank God the musical cesspool turds of society aren't defending our country!

Brian Oregon

My two thoughts:
1) God, I'm old.
2) Maybe Sarah Palin really can be elected president of these United States.

Sergeant D

Here's my investigative report on the band in this video, Dropping A Popped Locket

Brian Turner

Really? This = Palin possibly being elected prez? I think this clip is kind of awesome!

Brian Turner

Not the Palin election possibility, that is....



There, that's better.


I've been to a number of free outdoor concerts this summer. Mostly MOR folk, jazz, blues... meh. This music is horrendous, but the while scene looks like a lot more fun and is certainly more creative and adventurous than anything I have seen. And I love the fat guy in the white t-shirt getting decked at around :55.


Why does this remind me of Hurt Locker?


Chico y chico did it all better. Fuck this.

Snidely Von Turnbuckle

If ziss ist der leffle uhf zhlum duncing und zee moosickle pervormunce uhf ziss generation, mein gott! Zee indowstree ist kerput und Madonna ist zertain vor decades more uhf sales.

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