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July 08, 2009


Louisville Dan

Wowee, once again, brilliant! Thanks for this beautiful treasure.


The plot of "Never Seen a Thing" merits its own miniseries.

Colin The Culture Hunter

Holy Moley- do the wonders of the Woof Moo blog never cease?

Bobbi Blake should have her own cable show

William Cary

"Peace and Love" (aka Blind Man's Penis) written by the infamous John Trubee on the shallow surface is an in depth first hand account of the wonders one experiences the first time one drops acid, man. But, should one dig deeper for hidden meaning then the real truth of Trubee's genius and the inspiration provided by the inimitable Ramsey Kearney rears its swollen head.

It is true that Trubee originally wrote "Stevie Wonder's penis is erect because he's blind" but this lyric really had no meaning or importance to the world. It was bland and vacuous, a toss off line scribbled in snow in yellow ink. Kearney knew he could improve this line with a minimal effort and make it world worthy, keep it non-conformist, and even maintain Trubee's intent! He changed the lyric to "A blind man's penis is erect because he's blind!" A legend was born!

Now, you might not first consider the ramifications of that change in wording but it does alter the lyric and makes it profound to ponder. With Kearney's change the lyric now is about the lack of intelligence men display at the sight of a beautiful world. Thinking only with his genitalia, any man can be considered "blind" and thus when looking in rapturous lust at the woman standing before him, he is rendered blind and turns a blind eye (his urethra?) towards her. He now thinks with neither head and commit himself to fulfill the statement, "A blind man's penis is erect because he's blind! Yeah, yeah, yeah..."

When you factor in the sexual proclivities that this "woman" may offer our now blind hero as well as his LSD tripping he now begs her to "vomit on me" because to him in his blinded state of arousal, a nod is as good as a wink and anything warm and wet would feel equally as good. His nipples are equally as erect even though now infected with nipplish herpes warts. It doesn't matter, let's keep going!

"Let's make love under the stars and watch for UFOs and if little baby Martians come out of the UFOs you can fuck them
Yeah Yeah Yeah..."

What a happy thought of sexual freedom and no fear of flying under the spell of the magical LSD! Trubee calls for the re-awakening of the sexual revolution begun in the 1960's and shortened by the rise of the AIDS virus. The "little baby Martians" would refer to the blue noses who wish to stop people from simply enjoying themselves through unabashed sexual congress with strangers while under the influence of drugs (always use condoms). If the right wingers want to spoil our fun or the parents show up, you can almost literally and at least figuratively fuck them.

"The zebra spilled its plastinia on bemis and the gelatin fingers oozed electric marbles Ramona's titties died in hell and the Nazis want to kill everyone."

Now our hero's eyes are narrowed into slits and he sees a striping pattern on the walls of the room. Like the Eggman, he feels akin to a Walrus and the drug's impact worsens as visions fly haphazardly around the room and bleed together into incomprehensible bad dreams. The trip is dieing out in flames traversing his veins as the girlfriend of the aforementioned vomit, herpes, and free love now wants to sleep it off. Her dirty pillows have been further soiled and the goosestepping kneeboots pounding in our hero's head make him want to become a murderous bastard seeking revenge against the madness and his inner pain.

As he succumbs to a coming down to a more sober and somber state of mind he slowly realizes that he has indeed been thinking with only his genitalia and not his brain. He was blinded and as we all know... "A blind man's penis is erect because he's blind!"

Truer words were never spoken and John Trubee is incredibly and undeniably my hetrosexual, metrosexual, nanosexual, frantic, trantic, manic hero!

So... that's just my interpretation. What's yours?


"Your Body's Making Eyes A Me" is a classic. In my fantasy world there's a 7" w/ "Disco Dancer You're The Answer" on the flip.


Song-poems from are making this a great summer!

Promise you'll post "Gymnasium Girl" someday...

Lee R.

That's a promise, Andrew.


cara stewart!very big!thank you!

King Zog

Lee: Thank you for doing such a brilliant job with this series. Thanks also to Phil Milstein for his work on the original archive. Y'all are both temporary personal saviors!


wow, i found dick kent "your body is making eyes at me" 45 at a record sale and had no idea what it was all about.... one of the best songs of all time~!


A blind man's penis is erect because...

Blind Mans Penis

"A blind man's penis" - Originally "Stevie Wonders penis".
I am sure that if the words about Stevie Wonder had been released there would have been a lot of lawsuits!

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