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July 15, 2009



National Lampoon once referred to Mary Jo Kopechne as the savior of her country. They also had an ad in one of their annuals that showed a floating Volkswagen and said Ted would have been president if he had driven a VW.



1 if i hear one more word about pure little mary jo kopechne i'll hurl. yes kennedy's actions are indefensible and mary jo did not deserve to die but she'd be alive if she werent in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong guy. and she was there willingly. he did not kidnap her. she was drinking and partying hearty of her own will too. lets face it. ted kennedy was a handsome enigmatic big shot in 1969 and what could be cooler for mary jo than to have a kennedy bang her. case closed.

Jeff Wahlen

I've always been curious as to why all the rest of us must report an accident or crime immediately and are not given 9 hours to sober up, lawyer up, and conjure up our story?

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