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July 14, 2009


texas scott

ah,Iowa.Don't be so hard on Sluggo...he's just de-cluttering.
While on this planet,you will always find something new to desire so,make room for all the new stuff.It's a constant human condition.

Life is supposed to be fun!

Sonny Bitch

Hey Bronwyn. Give my condolences to Sluggo.
DJ Sonny Bitch!


The one and only cure for mild hoarding: Move into a new house every some years and do the moving on your own without using a movers company. That has unloaded quite some junk off my place.


Feel better!




Kelly Jones

Hi B to the C and everybody else,
I've been to Bronwyn's and can testify that yes...there's LOTS of stuff, but it's REALLY GREAT stuff. They's got all the best books piled up in corners like a top secret library, insane schizo artwork by family relations over the fireplace, an electric guitar and bass lined staircase, taxidermy (yes, taxidermy), mission furniture, fiesta ware and bags and bags AND BAGS of newspaper clippings (this gets a little weird but is part of Bronwyn's pre-show savant ritual so shhhhh). And although they could probably do with a healthy purging, the cute old-timey Tudor they occupy is perfectly navigable (most days). But the ultimate test that they haven't crossed the line into Listener Jefe's URL's style of living is that my anal retentive, gross-home allergic ass has stayed over at said residence on many occasions. And contrary to certain things said on the radio in the past, I've very picky about where I lay.

Hey, we're filling in on August 7th (I think) so tune in!
-DJ Kelly

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