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July 07, 2009



This is brilliant! Like something Larry David might do now.

I'm still not sure what to make of Kaufman, I'm undecided about these meteors. This is great, but maybe I need more convincing!

Thanks for posting it.


Bah! My VHS copy is going down in value by the second.

Yes, he was pretty unique and hilarious. But he didn't work alone. He had cohorts and associated with like-minded pranksters in his early days in Chicago (like when they all ran screaming out of Lincoln Park Zoo saying a lion had escaped!).

He certainly stands out, though and was(is?) a great breath of fresh air to people in all facets of life.

Now we need a DVD reissue of In God We Tru$t!


mr. shambolic

First of all Kurt, you pencil neck geek you, Andy Kaufman was in a neck brace because of his run-in with Jerry "The King" Lawler at the Mid-South Coliseum! "Randy Savage", my Aunt Hildegarde! What the hell ever happened to the human race? I saw Andy Kaufman perform in Syracuse back in 1979, and it remains one of the greatest things I ever saw. I also saw Tony Clifton for the first time just last year. He's worth going out of your way to see, which I did.

Kurt Gottschalk

Oh, man. Right. Jerry Lawler. I should know better than to trust my memory on anything other than two or three '70s punk bands from Britain. Thanks. And awesome that you got to see him. I wish I would have. (But then, maybe I did and I just don't remember.)

Lizardner Dave

I suspect Kaufman gravitated towards pro wrestling because he saw an entire business of kindred spirits. Say what you will about the art form or it's fans, wrestling is still capable of putting one over on the general public. Witness the "sale" of the WWE's cable program Monday Night Raw to Donald Trump a few weeks ago. Anyone who followed wrestling knew it was part of a corporate soap-opera storyline pitting Vince McMahon against Donald Trump and yet many mainstream news outlets reported the sale as a fact.

Larry Howard

There's a good reason why Andy referred to himself as a song-and-dance man, not a comedian. For a guy who thought jokes were the most boring thing in the world, he was funny as hell. I still miss him.

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