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July 26, 2009


Lee B.

Wow- she's got an amazing command of the issues. She should be on Senetor Charles Schumer's staff- I think they have a lot in common.


What fucking forum is this? Is she responding to some formal request for nonsensical blather? I'm sure this person is as stupid as you say she is but I'd really like to know the context of this obviously-edited monologue. She is not acting alone.

Account Deleted

I don't think the issue she is discussing is really at question - just her manner of presentation. Obviously some editing was done, but it isn't needed to make her look dumber, since her long rambling statements do a pretty good job of it on their own. So, my bet is this video is pretty much for time. Or possibly boredom. Details on the issue at hand below, and they aren't exactly riveting.

From the City Council's website:

Economic Development
FY 2009 Cooperative Retail Management Business Real Property
Improvement District Assessments. (ED)

RECOMMENDATION: Resolution confirming the FY 2009 Cooperative Retail Management
Business Real Property Improvement District Annual Plan; and levying business improvement
assessments for FY 2009.

BACKGROUND: On February 8, 1994, the City Council adopted Ordinance 94-06 adding
Chapter 5.06 to the Santa Cruz Municipal Code establishing the Cooperative Retail Management
Business Real Property Improvement District and levying assessments on the properties along
Pacific Avenue pursuant to the Parking and Business Improvement Law of 1989. In 1996, the
district boundaries were expanded to include side streets between Cedar and Front Streets and
some alleyways.

DISCUSSION: On April 22, 2008, the City Council adopted a resolution stating its intention to
levy business improvement assessments for FY 2009 and scheduled a public hearing for May 13,
2008 in accordance with State law and Chapter 5.06 of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code.

The Resolution of Intention and notice of this public hearing were published in the Sentinel and
mailed to affected property owners as required by State law.

At the public hearing portion of this meeting, written and oral protests pertaining to the proposed
levy of assessments, the amount of the proposed assessments, the proposed improvements and
activities to be funded with the revenues derived from the proposed levy of assessments, and/or
the proposed boundaries of the District may be made in accordance with State & Highways Code
Sections 36524 and 36525.

At the conclusion of the public hearing, absent the receipt of written ballots from property
owners casting a majority vote against the proposed assessment, Council is requested to adopt a
resolution confirming the Downtown Management Corporation's plan, as approved by the
Council on April 22, 2008, and as amended by Council during the hearing, if applicable.

FISCAL IMPACT: The assessment district is the primary funding source for the Downtown
Host Program. If the district failed to pass, the program would be discontinued.

Public Hearing

19. FY 2009 Cooperative Retail Management Business Real Property
Improvement District Assessments. (ED)

Director of Economic Development/Redevelopment Agency Executive
Director B. Lipscomb presented an oral report and responded to Council’s

Mayor Coonerty opened the public hearing at 3:47 p.m.

Robert Norse
Mike Tomasi
Unidentified woman

John Huffman

Mayor Coonerty closed the public hearing at 3:56 p.m.

Action Vice Mayor Mathews moved, seconded by Councilmember Robinson, to
adopt Resolution No. NS-27,843 confirming the FY 2009 Cooperative
Retail Management Business Real Property Improvement District Annual
Plan; and levying business improvement assessments for FY 2009. The
motion carried unanimously.


I've been to quite my share of City Council meetings (for work, unfortunately). Everyone gets their own five minutes. Without fail, there's always one or two that come up and ramble off-topic. That's good ol' U.S. of A. democracy at work. It is always available for our perusal on local government television and radio.

After a second hearing, I think she might make a good South Carolina Teen USA.


Could she be a future Sarah Palin in the making???? Look out Joe Biden, you have a female equal!


yes, the first thing I thought is how much she is like the people I disagree with

doug from dc

Vegetable trees? Out in my vegetable orchard, I have my slaves busy putting good, healthy pesticides on the squash trees.


Why did it take fourteen months for this to make it to the Internet (it's dated 5/13/2008)?


I live in a New England town of 2,000 residents with an annual town meeting where all relevant town issues are voted from the floor. Every meeting is a reminder to me that many of our fellow citizens are completely divorced from reality. Very disturbing.

I'm not just talking about diverging political opinions, I mean the kind of people who ramble on like this woman.

She has the right to vote, by the way.


Oh, what you don't understand people, is that this type of non-sensical babble is not just tolerated, but encouraged in Santa Cruz, California, possibly one of the most beautiful and fun mid-size towns in America, but one which caters goofballs. I alternately miss it and swear never to return. One of my favorite former residents, who had most of this info plastered onto his white, molester van, is this guy:


There are definitely stupider people alive; I think I've met them.
She's riveting. What's her phone number?


Saying there are crazy people speaking at city council meetings is like saying there are homeless people at the public library or that there are kids reading manga and then leaving without purchasing at chain bookstores.


>>>She's riveting.

indeed. nice cans...

Murray Van Creme

Yeah, all those whackjob Californians are a real hoot. Not to mention all those doltish rednecks below the Mason Dixon line. Nor the hicks in the Midwest.

It's swell to realize that we're so much more intelligent than all those dumbasses.

And I wonder how many of us would be towers of erudition in front of an audience without a script?


I wish they had an uncut version. Anyone got a link?

M Munro

Yeah, she may be incoherent, but at least she's no Steve Lightfoot.

Irwin Chusid

First runner-up.

Rory Murray

This is Sarah Palin's OTHER daughter! Drill Baby Drill inside her skull. Search for brain fragments. Yeesh!


whats her name?..any one knows?

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