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July 29, 2009


Andy Lester

See also Sammy Davis Jr. singing the Hawaii Five-O theme.

Listener Greg G.

Andy - that was great.....thanks for the tip!

Jeff Gee

There's also a spectacular vocal version of Telstar (called "The Haunting Theme from Mondo Video") by Julius LaRosa (with, um, different lyrics) over the end credits of Michael O'Donahue's "Mr. Mike's Mondo Video." There's a brief excerpt of the song during the opening to, about 3:10 into this clip:

Jeff Gee

Crap. You ube started playing another clip while I was posting and I ended up posting the wrong URL. It's actually:

Listener Ralphine

Despite what that Soul Sides writer said, Geronimo was never commanded to jump on it in Apache (Jump On It). The people who were to jump on it were Tonto, Kemo Sabe, Custer, and Apache.

Donnie B.

The Fat Boys did a rap version of Wipe Out, with lyrics, and backing vocals from the Beach Boys.


James Brown's "Let's Make It" is another vocal version of "Honky Tonk."


You should all get a copy of Gaylord's 2006 Marathon Premium AT A LOSS FOR WORDS, which collects 27 of these obscurities, including the aforementioned SAmmy version of Hawaii 5-0 and my fave, the Mission Impossible Theme by the Kane Triplets.

Brian C.

Don't forget Nick the Lounge Singer's vocal version of "Star Wars" (you know, live From the Powder Room at Beautiful Meatloaf Mountain…)

Mr Fab

Some of Link Ray's instros got lyric-isized: Adam & The Ants turned "Rumble" into "Killer In The Home," and The Cramps' "Sunglasses After Dark" was originally Link's "Fat Back."


There is also a version of Telstar/ Magic Star by the Double IV.


I've heard a version of Cliff Nobles and Co.'s "The Horse" w/ words. Wish I had a copy.


A less obscure (and less awful) example is NRBQ's version of Wild Weekend, originally an instrumental by the Rockin' Rebels.

Ray Rivera

How can I get a copy of the Bill Doggett Vocal Honky Tonk? Can't find it anywhere.

John Dolan

Betsy Brye did a vocal version of sleepwalk !

John Dolan

A few more vocal instrumentals ...
Walk dont run Tommy Leonetti
Moonlight serenade The Rivieras
Stranger on the shore Andy Williams
Because theyre young Jimmy Darren
My last date with you Skeeter Davis
Soft summer Breeze The Diamonds

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