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August 18, 2009



yes! that fight scene is pure concentrated classic awesome. it only clocks in at a few minutes but feels like about 15 or 20.

Hartley Batchelder

That is the longest fist fight scene. I think it held the record until Kill Bill came out and even then if you time Kiddo's fights with each individual it may still stand.


SOUTH PARK paid homage to THEY LIVE's epic fight in their infamous "Cripple Fight" episode.


I think the fistfight over sunglasses is actually homoeroticer

Bruce Bennett

Both THEY LIVE helmer John Carpenter and Richard Donner the director of LETHAL WEAPON (featuring an 80's action movie mano a mano fight scene nearly as paradigmatic as the one in THEY LIVE) have said in interviews/commentaries that they were inspired by the sorta father/son (and kinda homoerotic in its own right, depending on who you talk to) punch up between Duke Wayne and Montgomery Clift near the end of Howard Hawks' 1948 RED RIVER.


the shower scence with stalone...pure 80's reagan era macho homoerotic tough buff grade A expolsive American smack talk... LOL

Charlotte Louise


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