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August 06, 2009



'this is so great' great- thanks! i think the squawk did it for me. and the little verse. hell, the whole thing.

Kimbo Slice

You sound like an unusually stupid person who thinks they are smart. No offense. The Ramones only wrote one good song, but people who shitted into a can with a microphone at the bottom are musical "geniuses". Oh yeah, you got it all figured out.


that's not very nice


(I kid, I kid... sort of)


It's like you stuck your little infant fingers into the light socket of my brain.


I don't know, man. I don't think those kids are making noise music. I think they're being taught to make noise music. It's not art yet. En route to art. It'd be cool to follow all those kids in those "groups" and see if they make noise music on their own. I do like the last example. True field recording.

And who are these awful people who make sweeping generalizations and hold on to their precious first impressions? "Ramones made better songs than Yes" How can you even compare the two? Entirely two different approaches to music. Clearly. You can say "I like the Ramones better than Yes" but you can't say the "Ramones are better than Yes." You're best option is to avoid people who talk like this. Personally, I think Black Flag is better than the Ramones. Just because you're "first" (oye vey) doesn't mean you're the best.

real will

fuck all yall.

dr fart

go back to pitchfork u hipster fag


I'm not gonna get rude/ugly about it but jeez, only one good Ramones song? That's where you lost me.

M Munro

Talking shit on the Ramones is a great way to get people who like noise rock to take you seriously.

michael C

what about Brass Knuckles?!

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