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August 25, 2009



Any movie where a tegu gets some is O.K. by me

Wyatt Wingfoot

Your description was great, but the Yahoo! Babel Fish "translation" of the Italian synopsis from the IMDB is priceless:

"Daniela Messeri, daughter of conte the Corrado, raped all' age of 15 years, hates the males. Moreover, the girl is descendant of licantropa and anch' it, in the nights of full moon, becomes lupa mannara. When the Irene sister returns dall' America with Fabian, new spouse, Daniela it seduce and the sbrana. Ricoverata in hospital, kills to forbiciate a lesbian patient; therefore it evades and it seeds the terror: its victims are a doctor and a peasant, after an encounter loving. Approached from a kind young person and " stunt-man" , he tranquilizes himself in the relationship with he, till when l' man does not come killed from three bandit, than Daniela he exterminates. Sheltered in the forest of Sales, he comes caught up from Monica commissioner of the Homicides. "

Zebtron A. Rama

Werewolf Woman goes to the top of my Must See list.


It kills to forbicate a lesbian patient.

That should be on a movie poster.

c lav

i think i own this and i've still yet to check it out (part of some random cheap box set i got at a horror convention), but now i'll definitely give it a watch!

Scott Sookman

This film is INSANELY great. Actually saw it in a theatre about two years ago (The New Beverly here in Los Angeles) and it was quite enjoyable watching it with a medium-sized crowd of like minded reprobates.

Yeah, you need to try and find this, but much better in a cinema setting. Get as many of your drunken friends crammed into your living room that you can possibly get, when you watch this.

Tollywood News

I watched the movie recently.It was scary,but i enjoyed watching the movie.


excellent this is my favorite hobby I love being at home and watch a good movie or go to the movies with good company is great, the horror genre is the best excellent blog.


For me scary movie is most better than dramas or comedies.

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