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August 07, 2009



CoB or CoO?

Brian Turner

Whoops, sorry, the coffee hadnt kicked in yet...yes, they aren't that wide-swinging as to encroach upon britfolk terrain (yet)...


Was playing this neat relaxing music based flash game over at Kongregate and when you beat all the built-in sleepy piano music it unlocks the ability to play with "levels" generated by any mp3 url you can throw at it. I thought to myself.."Where can I find some nifty mp3 files in a url?" and the great WFMU instantly popped into my mind. Went with Dead Eyes, Dead Soul and although I wasn't crazy about the vocallist, some of the starting bits really were great and I managed to rack up a big time score as well. Fun stuff if you want to give it a shot although you have to unlock that option but it doesn't take long. <----- Game is here

I'm going to try it later with some more WFMU mp3 fodder.


Sounds like a kick ass album. Really enjoy that sick and demented "depressive black metal" twist on things.


Sounds quite a bit like God Machine in fact...


God Machine, thank you. Nice to have a reference that isn't strangled in code.

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