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August 23, 2009



Interesting records, especially "Hello, Colonel Sanders" which is suprisingly very moving.

The list of music inspired by fried chicken outlets should also include the Fools' unforgettable "Psycho Chicken."

Carl Becker

This song..."Hello. Colonel Sanders" was recorded by Larry Corder I can remember in 1967 and/or 1968 at Studio "B" Recording Studio in Corpus Christi, Texas the old J-Beck Records Studio... Song was written by Larry and his wife and published by Carl Becker Music BMI... Song was written and recorded in hopes that the people at Colonel Sanders might hear it and make it part of their Radio Commercials... This never happen, but it's never "too late" for anything...

Carl Becker

Where is Larry Corder tiday?...Is he still doing music?

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