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August 12, 2009


Rory Murray

Porter's recording of THE RUBBER ROOM is a timeless and sensitive portrayal of the mentally ill...NOT! But it is a hoot!
And Buck is the pride of Baskersfield. Thanks for Hee Haw, dude.
Happy Birthday, you rednecked bastards!
Rory Murray

rusty beltway

The 60's were a great period in Country Music. And the material was risky. Today's big country stars wouldn't touch a song like that with a ten foot mic cable. It would tarnish the carefully sculpted image.

Anything on Starday or King records back then is smokin'. And I highly recommend late 60's Johnny Paycheck (a decade before Take This Job and Shove It).

I saw Eugene Chadborne cover some Paycheck from that era. His comment was: "If you judge the greatness of a country song by the body count, then Johnny Paycheck is one of the greatest country musicians ever." Or something like that.

Example: Paycheck's "Pardon Me, I've Got Someone to Kill", and "The Johnson's of Turkey Ridge".

Thanks for the Porter. Some of my faves.

obb gorpis

It's not every genre of music where you get to walk in on your sweetie with someone else - and then knife the both of them and feel smug about it.

Especially when the other guy was actually planning to date-rape your innocent wife at a Kiwanis party - well, I don't really know that, but he doesn't tell us any different either, does he?

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