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August 04, 2009



The sad thing is that here in the land of plenty I see bikes out in the trash all the time. When I go to the recycling station (ok, dump) I always see decent looking bikes that may need a cable or a tire or their gears adjusted to shift properly in the container for metals. What a shame.

As an aside, Last week there were two beautiful aluminum office chairs from the 60s in there. I asked if I could take them (someone already paid to dispose of them) and they said they are no longer allowed to 'pick.' Such a waste.


It's true that many good bikes are thrown away. I think it's because so many people are focused on the Tour de France type top of the line bike, or the super trendy track bikes, that they end up throwing away their old bikes to stay trendy. I know I'm guilty of always wanting the nicest stuff, and only recently have I gone back to the reason I got into cycling in the first place: it was a fun, fast, healthy, and free way to get someplace. I'm now looking to buy a used, beat up bike that I don't mind locking outside so that I can travel...and just enjoy being on a bike. No spandex, no pressure to go fast, but to just go.


Fortunately there are many organizations which are happy to accept your used bicycles and recycle them:

Working Bikes in Chicago,
Bikes Not Bombs in Boston,
Cyclo Nord-Sud in Montreal,
Bikes for the World in Virginia,

all accept used bicycles and redistribute them internationally and locally.

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