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August 07, 2009


Dan B

The only caveat is that you need software version 2.2.1 or higher.

Liz B.

Dan B, try our old-school iPhone streams, that might work for ya!

doug from DC

It's fine for version 1.0. The interface is quick 'n' easy, the 32K stream works well with 3G and the high-speed connected instantly with a wireless connection. Transitioning between 128K and 32K when I went out of wireless range was a bit of a problem, since the app would shut down when it couldn't establish a high-speed connection, and I had to make a few attempts to restart it in order to drop the rate to 32K. Some ability to surf your other content while listening would be nice. The advantage of WunderRadio is still its built-in browser, so you can surf and listen at the same time. That would be a lot to expect from a radio station's app, but you could perhaps find a way to display more content (blogs/playlist history/etc.). An FMA app would of course be way cool.


cool, how about an android app next?

Dave Scarbrough

For Android, go to the Market app and search "StreamFurious." Plays mp3 streams well, but has a huge buffer time. Once buffered though, good to go.


For browsing the WFMU website while listening .... go to the about page and click on the link in the test there.

A more comprehensive WFMU app will (we hope) be able to present the info available in the website formatted in a more iPhone friendly manner in the future.
-- Webhamster Henry


[that is, "... click on the link in the text there." No tests needed!]


holy cow! though i don't have the ability to use this quite yet, i'm sure i'll be abusing the heck out of it in the future. thank you so much for all your hard work in making wfmu accessible to more listeners.

M Munro

This might just convince me to buy an iPhone.


It's nice to finally see an official iPhone WFMU app available, and I did download it to my iPhone...however, it offers less funtionality than the unofficial app you guys created and have made available from your website for some time now. How? Namely, the official app offers only live streams, while the unofficial app provides access to both live streams and to archived streams. Will a later iteration of the official app provide this?(For now, I'm keeping both on my phone.)

doug from DC

Webhamster Henry, thanks for the tip.

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