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August 26, 2009


Debbie D

Nice. Thanks, Greg!

Tex Lola

apparently some of these songs are about country folk questioning their own sexuality? no wonder they were so mad at hippies if they had to confront their deeply-closeted homosexuality.


I sure did & in fact, DO enjoy the livin' trucktires outta these here songs of life, love & permanent stationary! Thank ya & may Google smell you comin'...


is this a song?

short hair cut

very nice


Thanks for putting these up. Long ago lost my dad's record and now I have it back.

Howard Barnes

Although I did not write "helluva world to offend anyone , sorry Tex

Randy Barnes

The song A Hell of A world was by Howard Barnes Jr, he is my brother. My family has been trying to get the flip side of the record, is there any way that you can email it to me. Thank you for your time Randy Barnes.

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