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August 13, 2009



What's a record store?


thanks for doing the beer reviews. i myself am a fan of founders breakfast stoudt! it's getting bonus points for having a baby on the label! and it really is a great breakfast. especially these snowy new england saturday mornings. it really got me thru a few times.


I'm sure you know that Founders makes a version of their Breakfast Stout called Kentucky Breakfast Stout, which is aged in bourbon barrels. What you might not have heard about yet, since it hasn't been bottled to my knowledge, is Founders' Canadian Breakfast Stout. It's aged in wine barrels that have been used to store maple syrup. To my taste it's up there with Three Floyds' famous Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout. If a bar anywhere near you taps a sixth of CBS, be there. You won't be sorry!

Some reviews of CBS here:

Sister Hairy Hymen

Damn not one east coast beer. Come on, there is Old Saratogs Brewery that make a double IPA that is to die for. Dogfishhead in Delaware that make 90 min Ipa. and so on.Lake Placid PuB and Brewery make s UBU. Strong Brown ALE.

Mickey Mephistopheles

What's Stone Brewery doing only making Double Bastard available in 22 ounce bottles, especially with its alcohol content at double bock strength? That's a yuppie forty-o! Would be nice to see them put Arrogant Bastard and Double Bastard in 12 ounce bottles. Marketing tip: Call them "Little Bastards" with cute little demons on the label.

Beer: Ithaca Apricot Wheat (Think #9, only better)
Food: Black Diamond 4 year old cheddar and Triscuits
Album: Let's go with _Big Iron World_ by the Old Crow Medicine Show, as they all met in Ithaca, NY.


i had kentucky breakfast stout at the extreme beer festival. yummy. i don't know how the hell i'd ever find canadian breakfast stout, but it sounds great.

i love dogfish head brewery, it's one of my favorite breweries in the world -- the problem is, this list is only beers i've had in the last 365 days, and i live in california it is admittedly west cost biased. my apologies for that. dogfish head is amazing though.

thanks to everyone else who has participated and shared good beers. keep it going!


Being Belgian i have to recommend (if you like Westmale Dubbel):

- rochefort 10
- Orval (you are going to love this, not sweet but bitter aftertaste)
- Trippel Karmeliet (awesomeness)
- Chouffe (blonde, sweet but not as you know it)

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