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August 26, 2009



I thought that Joe Maneri wedding recording was terrific, but it made my dog leave the room...


Joe Maneri! Mmmm-mmmm! Early destroyer of western scale fascism.

Some well worn jazz progressions, but the definitive makam grooves! Got to love.


Picked up the Guy Warren when it was posted. Good choice.

Here's a couple of others I like...

Francis Dhomont - Forêt Profonde (1996)

And some dub...

dee es

I've been a dedicated follower of the Miner's digs since the beginning and have enjoyed all the treasures, but I must say that this week is especially great. Aside from Tiny Topsy, all these artists are new to me and they're all new favorites.

Right now I'm especially enjoying the Ewa Demarczyk. In search of a track list for the '74 album, I came across two more rich audio melodramas here (at a site I think you've featured before?):

Also, in case anyone is still searching, here's the track list for the '74 recording:

1. Grande Valse Brillante
2. Tomaszów
3. Imię Twoje
4. Groszki I Róże
5. Na Moście W Avignon
6. Biedna Dziewczyna
7. Jaki Smieszny
8. Cyganka
9. Skrzypek Hercowicz

erik r.

does anyone have a line on any english translations of Ewa Demarczyk's lyrics? her voice is so powerful i want to know what she's singing about!

fatty jubbo

Faun Fables covered Demarczyk's The Marry-go-round with Madonnas in English...that's the only translation of her lyrics I can find. It's on their myspace page. I love her!

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