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August 18, 2009



Truly, horrifyingly awesome.


I love the cassette deck on top of the speaker cabinet. Oh, and nice sweater, dude.

Brian Turner

posted this to the blog in 08:

Jonathan Steinke

You sure apologies, Brian. I shoulda been paying attention.


He shouldn't worry so much, it's not good for the health. The voc melody is Transparent Radiation. Great stuff.

The Khanman

I wish my VHS copy of the 10 or so songs were in better condition, I'm scared that it will break in the more ways than just tape breakage.

Jonathan Steinke

I'll check with Otis and see if I can change it...Nicki did make a few more vids.


Unleash the fury!!! (no, not really... please don't)


Good thing I have them all digitized.


More of his delicious crap on YouTube!

Jonathan Steinke

Jeff and NikLP...I'm afraid I AM going to have to unleash more of the fury and slap down more delicious crap!!


I... wow.

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