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August 22, 2009



I think it's cool what you are doing and everything (I mean that), but I'm curious why this blog took a turn in the gardening direction?

I subscribe to it for the music and pop culture rarities, it's always been a treasure trove of that kind of stuff. It's sometimes a drag for me (a non-gardener) because it's hard enough to find these kinds of gems from a reliable source on the internet- but then to have to sift through the gardening posts on WFMU's blog to get to this stuff here- it just sort of bums me out.

I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'd just like to hear the "admin" (or whoever) explain their thinking on including so much gardening stuff with the WFMU blog.

Meanwhile, good luck with what you are up to, GeorgyGirl- I don't mean it personally I hope you understand.

Can we get an explanation, though?
Am I the only one who feels this way?


no, you're not


None taken.

It *is* only one weekly post out of scores of other posts, so I'm not entirely sure why you feel that you're somehow bombarded with gardening? And, to be fair, you get the introductory paragraph on the front page with a link to click if you want to read more... so essentially you're getting a gardening paragraph a week. Why do you feel then that you "have to sift through the gardening posts"?

I'm genuinely curious.


I'd agree with GeorgyGirl guys - its one paragraph a week, hardly a mire of gardening information. The rest of the blog seems to still be pretty much music. I have to say, I really like this branching out, and this is one of the blogs I enjoy most.
As to where it fits in with WFMU.. well I've not been a longtime reader but it seems to me the guys that run the site are pretty hippyish, with interests in hippyish music. Gardening strikes me as something profoundly hippyish, especially when performed in an urban environment. Then it becomes more of a statement or even art piece. And loads of classic rockers love or loved to garden, not least George Harrison.
My main point though would be that if you dont want to read about gardening... then don't. Seems pretty obvious.


Hi Art,

Yes, the WFMU Blog is almost completely audio and visual but sometimes we offer other directions, from gardening to views on daily life, and so on.

While the majority of the blog is dedicated to sound and vision we do have a gardening post once a week from one author. There's really no exact explanation except that we thought it was a nice direction to take every Saturday afternoon and from the initial posts we reviewed it had an audience in the comments.

Note: The blog does not make a habit of jumping in non-audio/video areas very often. It's actually pretty rare that we have authors jump on to discuss other topics.


i sense animosity or just a general "negative vibe" from your end, and i sincerely didn't mean any toward you. i would have emailed an admin or someone "in-charge" directly to ask about this, but couldn't find an email address to do so. i apologize for using your post as a place to pose this question if that feels inappropriate to you.

i don't understand why you feel the need to make fun of my being less coordinated than you think i ought to be with reading blogs/ getting to the stuff i read it for.

i'd hope we can agree that regardless of how easy it is or isn't to "sift," my question remains the same and is valid, and I hope someone at WFMU can give us readers some insight:
Why the decision to incorporate gardening with an otherwise mostly music blog?

i just would like to hear your all's overall thoughts behind this decision.

for me, it feels a bit like throwing in an article about antiquing in the middle of a cat fancy magazine.


"Why the decision to incorporate gardening with an otherwise mostly music blog?"

WFMU = Freeform

Maybe in time we will offer a weekly post on "improving your skill at Scrabble"

I would just skip the posts weekly Art.


Hi Art - Please let me reassure you that I wasn't making fun of you in any way, shape or form and I genuinely apologise if it came across that way.

I think if you click on "FMU BOT" (under their comment) it takes you through to the TypePad profile where there should be an email address or comment box or something similar, if that helps.

I hope I haven't put you off WFMU!! :(


WFMU is in New Jersey .. the Garden State.

I know people in New Jersey who garden and listen to WFMU .. and that's in Elizebeth NJ.

Popular Science has named Elizabeth NJ as one of the greenest cities in the US .. and the only one selected from NJ.

Personally .. I would never eat anything grown by the side of a Petroleum refinery.


GeorgyGirl, I mean no disrespect to Art. But don't waste your time.

He's at WFMU of all places asking to "speak to the manager." It'd be funny if it weren't such a sad statement of big box store Americans who are constantly looking for a master and a 3-ring binder of rules to dictate our lives.

Art? This is a freeform blog. If you don't care about gardening, you can move on to the next article. Or go to another blog that's 100% music. You hold the power. You.

And GeorgyGirl? Why did you decide to about gardening? I'm guessing because you felt like it.

And that's okay. You can't please everyone. So you may as well please yourself.

I look forward to your next piece about gardening or Richard Stark novels or Paul Pope art or whatever you want.

Diversity thrives.

And hopefully WFMU won't waste any more time bowing to those who would search in vain for foolish consistencies...


The post before this was about car bras.


i read it as national altamont week...


Funnily enough, me and the Other Half were debating whether the 40th anniversary of Altamont would get as much rose-tinted coverage as Woodstock, the Moon Landings et al... I somehow doubt it - can't think why! ;)

Rebecca Lewis

I'm really enjoying these posts on gardening and I think today's topic about allotment spaces is really interesting.


Thanks for the posting, GG. I knew nothing about the history of "allotments", we have no equivalent here in the States ( this still being a feudal warlord based society ). What happens here is that the urban working class occasionally get fed up, squat on a piece of abandoned land, and develop a garden that way. Often these things last for years until the city is pressured into evicting everyone and paving it over to make another parking lot. That happens less now that the consumer culture has permeated every inch of the country and our citizens have been reduced to mewling and puking babies, unable to even cook a meal for themselves, much less grow the food to do it. I'm really impressed that those waiting lists are so long.


I have read posts on the FMU blog about Archie comics, the democratizing effects of the invention of drywall, Steve Allen's toupee, making beer, FMU personnels mode of travel, on and on.....if you don't have an interest in something, don't read it and don't comment about it. Posts with zero comments probably don't get repeated or become serialized.


I frequent the WFMU blog BECAUSE is isn't just music.


georgy has actually inspired me to start a garden.. She is right!.. You don't need that much space to do it!


barryeugene - You have completely made my day. :) Some of the negative comments on here really get me down, and then I hear something like "georgy has actually inspired me to start a garden" and that makes me feel infinitely better. Hugs to ya - and send me some photos of your garden!

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