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August 18, 2009


Listener #109577

Hey, whatever. How much worse (better?) could Sammy be than Jerry himself? I mean, really! At least we've still got Gilbert Gottfried!



Sammy was regarded as a genius ... in Pittsburgh.


Great stuff. BL meets a BG seems as good as anything Dean and Jerry did, to me anyway. But Duke Mitchell sounds a bit like Fred Flintstone channeling Dean. Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid.


Dale-it's funny that you should mention that. Duke was the "elvis-like" singing voice of Fred Flinstone.


Alan Reed didn't sing his own stuff? Interesting.


IS "Shangri-La" OUT ON DVD?

forked tongue

"Cavorting with Nudists" is going to be my next band's name.

(Note for the record: I am 55 years old, have never been in a band, and don't sing or play an instrument.)

Stuart Hersh

Hi, I am Sammy's Cousin, Stuart.

This message is for "David The Spazz" as I cannot find a more direct way of contacting him.

I've been looking for years for a copy of Shangri-La and could not find it (I would've liked a copy for Sammy) Now, all of a sudden, searching the web, I see this clip that you posted and I'm amazed! I really would love a copy of this on dvd or vhs, whatever you can do, if possible so I can share it with the family.

I miss him very much, he lit up any room that he came into with humor and quick wit.

Thank you. "David", you can write to me directly at [email protected]



A great piece of ketch! I Love it!

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