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August 17, 2009



Awesome and Important


Ah, the good old truck stop tea party. Friday afternoons if not mistaken. You played the Chieftains "Women of Ireland" for me. :) :)

Listener Mark

I used to listen to TT when it was on Sunday evenings and I was a huge fan. You sounded so natural and comfortable I had no idea it was scripted. I discovered the show by chance, just tuning in to FMU to see what was on. It was the show where that guy proposed to Julie Doucet on the air, right after her Time Out New York cover. After that, I tried to never miss an episode. Thanks for sharing the clipping. It was true then and even more so now, unfortunately. But good job with the de-cluttering! You can be proud of yourself. May Buddha Bless.


True that: but perhaps there is a little selection bias at work here as well. You clipped the articles, and it's unlikely you would have clipped them if they were not of interest to you. But the point is well taken that judging by the recent level of discourse, it seems like the idiocracy has found us. I'm beginning to think that we _need_ a death panel, just to cull the vast sea of idiots from our ranks. Imagine. A future survivor quoted as saying, "It was like being cured of clap after twenty dripping years..."


What? Who would have a tea party at a truck stop? It makes no sense.

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