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August 10, 2009



I've never seen the song referred to as "I'm in the Jailhouse Now"; it's always been simply "In the Jailhouse Now."

This is pretty, er, um, different...


I dunno, I'm kind of enjoying this.

My Pussin

If you love calypso,and deeply understand the history of it,you either passionately hate the lame whiteboy stuff of the 50s,or are perversely fascinated by it,like I am.Robert Mitchum aside,it can run from the sleep inducing,to stuff so trashy and cheesy,as to take bad music to hilarious new heights.One such example is a Columbia Lp called "The Calypso Carnival",from about 1956-'57.Go through the FMU archives,and pull up Irwin's show of March 21,2007,and take a listen to what he played from it.I have seen it twice since on eBay,it was $50.00 each time,someone must have gotten the idea.If Irwin still has it,maybe someone could convince him to upload it to the blog.In the meantime,you can hear more no-budget bad calypso by white guys at:


Thank You for posting this up! This was floating around my dad's collection when I was a kid. Unfortunately, It had a big chunk taken out of the first two tracks (Literally a chunk!) But it didn't stop me from playing it to death with pennies on the tone-arm. Album care priorities were different at age 7! I can't wait to share this with the old man!

J Harper

I have the original LP albums ... belonged to my Yalie father, who would take us to their concerts when we were tiny, and we loved them so! My LPs are signed on the back photos with the boys' names (including Mr. Spofford) along with their graduation years which are indeed late-50s to early-60s. Wonder where they are now ...

What nostalgia ... simply incredible to find them again, and so glad there are others who continue to enjoy! My boundless thanks to you for putting these priceless gems online!

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