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August 31, 2009



NOT broadcasting? How could that possibly be correct?
There must be a mistake here... **** WFMU **** Fest?!!!

(I hope you all *at least* put it up on the Free Music Archive)


Hey, Clax how about supporting the artists and buying a ticket or three? I'll never understand how overly entitled brats like you get along in life. It's an astoundingly great lineup over three days to help bring attention to the greatest radio station in the country which is listener supported, but maybe you don't understand that concept either.

Brian Turner

After a three day ATP simulcast upstate shortly before, and a pretty hectic year I must say w/ WFMU's live gear (Lincoln Center, SXSW, Primavera & more) we'd like to give the live engineers a break this time, and hope we can encourage people to come support these bands by seeing them in person. A couple of them have been slated for WFMU studio sessions later on too, which will give out-of-towners an opportunity to hear 'em live. We certainly will try to record and offer as much of the Fest as we can on the FMA, it's all subject to artists' willingness and approval of course.


My comment was slightly tongue and cheek. I just think it's funny that WFMU, of all places, wouldn't be broadcasting their own event, especially after doing so successfully for (other people's) events like ATP and Primavera Sound.

Enclax: Believe me, I'd "support the artists by buying a ticket or three" if I lived anywhere near New York. It's the "overly entitled brats like you" that assume everyone lives in NYC and the world revolves around it.

Brian: Giving the engineers a break makes sense. We out-of-towners especially appreciate the FMA and the work that goes into it. Keep up the good work!


I don't assume anything, I don't live in New York either. But thanks for the positivity on your follow up.


You guys should really do a 3-day pass for this!

Salamander ByProduct

Gorgeous poster!


Weep Wow!!

Drop Dead Magazine

amazing line up! we want to cover this fest!


set times for tonight??? please?

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