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September 05, 2009



I always liked Frank Zappa's "Remember kids, speed will turn you into your parents."

wittler youth

yea i have a load of them..and break them outfor laffs at our partys..see'ing most of the people were d.a.r.e. and casa kids..there right at home when there doing there bong hits, and lines of coke..yea the drug war was good to us that did these p.s.a.'s..i had to copy these things for raidio stations and kept the best for my self..call me greedy but i still bust up at them..i have the best of the 90's ones..thats when the money from drugs was at an apex...and the war on drugs was in full swing ...then 9/11..just anouther war..we should declare war on yer unabated beathing of my air...thats a sure fire money maker.

Mark Lansing

Nice posts, and the PFM clip cracked me up, but that's not Mickey Mayberry, it's Mickey NEWBURY. The man was a great Nashville singer/songwriter who cut some beautifully poetic and deeply personal albums in the 1960s and 70s, when such things were all but unknown in Music City, and he was a friend and collaborator of Townes Van Zandt.


A BIG THANK YOU to Mark Lansing for that correction---Gad-! No wonder I couldn't find anything online under that name. Urk. I hate dumb errors like that! Well- it's his own fault for garbling his name in the recording. I still haven't found a way to correct my darned mistakes on posts AFTER the fact--they seem locked-up once I publish them, and then I have to live with the shame forever after.
Cool--a much more useful comment than the bizarre Drug War Casualty damage that precedes it.

video indir

Dia de los Angelitos Update: Not My Grave. The Nanticoke Historical Society has a helpful list of locals who died in the 1918 influenza pandemic, among them "Bronwyn Charleton (Mrs. John)." And the Wilkes-Barre Record of May 17, 1905 has an announcement of the

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